Thank You

 Thank You

We want to thank you for sharing your big celebration with us at First & Green Celebrations, and

to wish you a wonderful life full of shared joy. It has been such a privilege to help you develop

your vision, and make it become a reality.

We know your name and email address and your snail mail address may be changing, and we

want to stay in touch. Would you mind providing your new name and address details below?

We hope you enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed you and your guests. If you can find a few

minutes to write a review, your views will be much more useful to prospective brides than will

ours. Review links are below.

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We hope you will come in to Molly’s Place soon, or join us at Square

Market when it opens. We are delighted to offer a you a special rate

available only for First & Green couples. Just tell us the date of your

wedding and - poof! - your price goes down by 10%.

And send your friends who are

looking for a wedding location to

us. We will take good care of them,