Counting Down to Your Celebration!


 Just Two Weeks to Go Until . . .

We are getting so excited about your upcoming celebration. From our end, here are things to cover: 

Guest Count: We need to know the number of guests you want us to plan on serving, both so we can order and prepare the food and beverages and so we can send you your invoice for catering. We do understand that it is very hard to get firm RSVP’s from people in this area, so are happy to work with you to feed more than expected if need be. We do need to know ow many you reasonably plan to host.

Menu. Attached is the menu we are planning on. Any changes? Also time sensitive!

Floor Plan. Also attached is a floor plan. We need this by Monday. Our tables are 60" round, and normally seat 10, at a pinch. Most people seem to plan seating for about 2/3 of guests. We need indication of number of dining tables, and placement and desired size of cake tables (60" round, 72" by 30" rectangular, or 30" high top round); do you want a gift and/or a registration table? We usually put the buffet tables near the kitchen in the southeast corner, but if you want elsewhere please advise. Show us, too, where you want the dance floor. And tell us if you want the stage, for which there is an extra set up charge. 

Bar. I don't think we nailed down the bar plan. We have a pretty good stock unless obscure craft beer is desired. Attached is a list of different bar formats. Let me know.

Invoice. Once we have confirmed numbers and menu and we have the alcohol plan in place, we will send you an invoice. We can invoice you for any incidentals after the event, and will also apply the deposit. all charges except those incidentals need to be paid prior to the event.

Access. [The Main Hall] Space is yours from [. ] to [ ]. Let us know when to expect you.

Sound and Light check. We need to arrange a time to run through the light set up with you. When works best? It takes just a few minutes but makes the event easy as lights are then preset to your specs. 

Event timing. Can you give us an approximate timetable of key events? Expected arrival time at F&G for guests, for bridal party, any other key times such as when do you want the food out, and roughly when do you expect to conclude the festivities. 

Music. Anything we need to help with there? As a reminder, loud music needs to end at 11:00 pm snd Event concludes by midnight. 

Cake. Let us know when cake is to be delivered so we can prepare. AND remind your baker to provide boxes for you to take the cake home! 

Slide Show. if you plan one, bring a laptop to feed the projector. 

WiFi Network is prevailwifi, and password is prevail81.



Team Leader Contact Information.

Emergency Services.

If we have forgotten something or your have questions, please text 662 699 0498 or email We very much look forward to sharing your celebration and will do all we can to help you create wonderful memories. 

Regards from yourTeam First & Green