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What is First & Green Celebrations?

Located on the corner of First Street and Green Street in downtown Grenada, Mississippi, First & Green is a celebration venue comprised of several unique spaces. From our Main Hall to The Courtyard, you can find details on our Venue Spaces page.

Do I need to schedule a tour or can I just stop by?

We invite you to visit our work of art and heart. After you have confirmed that our pricing and availability meet your needs, Book a Tour.

What does First & Green offer?

Our small team has a big mission - to delight our guests by offering memorable experiences characterized by great food, a lovely venue, and exceptional hospitality.

We are pleased to have earned a loyal following, for whom we have managed everything from picnics and barbecues to cocktail parties, concerts, multiple course meals, lavish wedding receptions and family reunion banquets.

What makes First & Green Celebrations unique?

After opening in 2015, we were recognized by the Mississippi Heritage Trust for the quality of our historic building renovation. Since then, we have been awarded Wedding Wire’s Couples Choice Award in 2016, 2017, and 2018, marking us among the top 5% of wedding vendors in the country based on consistency and quality of reviews.

What is First & Green’s seating capacity?

The ground floor of First & Green includes the Main Hall, with 4000 square feet of event space and seating for up to 225 guests. Additional seating is available in The Loft upstairs, or can be accommodated by closing Green Street to create an indoor / outdoor experience. We can also add adjacent space in Miss Emma’s Dining Room or The Courtyard. Our unique combination of spaces allow you to flex and customize to match your guest count and vision.

The Courtyard is deceptively large and can easily hold 250 or more chairs with a large center aisle. The deck at the rear has two levels, both fairly shallow, so large wedding parties or bands can be accommodated. We provide you with a scaled floor plan.

Miss Emma’s seats 80 at round tables; can accommodate up to 120 in cocktail party format.

Do you offer catering?

Yes! Our 1000 square foot commercial kitchen is our pride and joy. Our team prepares all food in-house, and takes great pride in the quality we serve. A small counter window can be opened for your guests to enjoy a kitchen view, or closed for more formal events. Visit our catering page for details.

Do you offer outdoor space?

Yes. The joy of residing in a small town is the flexibility and hospitality of our community. With a permit, Green Street can be closed, allowing events to spill outside via double doors on the Green Street side. We are happy to help coordinate the permit request process.

Do you own the Courthouse Square gazebo?

The city of Grenada is very hospitable, and does offer use of The Square itself, including its charming Gazebo. We are happy to help coordinate the request process.

How do we book the space we want?

After checking that our pricing and availability meet your needs, we encourage you to visit with us, so we can get a vivid picture of what you have in mind. You can request a tour here.

To book a space, we need a completed contract and deposit of $250, payable by check, credit card or PayPal. While we do our best to protect dates we are aware of, reservations are not considered binding until we have received the signed contract and deposit.

What services do you offer?

Planning an event can be a high stress proposition. We do our best to make the process simple and allow you to focus on the fun. Visit our Services page to view our service inclusions and offers.

Do you include a "wedding day coordinator?"

We do not, as our team will be busy organizing the venue and preparing your food and drink service.  We recommend that you identify one point person, who has your permission to make decisions on your behalf.

What is included with rental of the Main Hall?

Rental of the Main Hall includes use of our tables and banquet chairs*, theatrical lighting system and professional sound system. Also included is use of our extra large screen, projector and wireless microphones**.

*We include a mix of photos on our site- some with our banquet tables and chairs, and some with tables and chairs that couples have rented. We can suggest great vendors to meet your rental needs, if your vision requires something different than what is included at our venue.

**If you plan to play a video or slide show, you will need to bring a laptop computer for connection to our projector.

How many cars will your parking lot accommodate?

Parking near the venue is ample: on Green Street, on First Street, on the Square, and in the public parking lot across the street.

What happens in case of rain?

If an outdoor component of a celebration is threatened by rain, we will need a decision from you by 10:00 am as to moving it inside.

Do you allow dogs onsite to play a part in our wedding day?

Service dogs and dogs that are part of the wedding party are certainly welcome. For the health and safety of our guests, other dogs and pets are not.

What time will I have access to the venue to decorate?

We open the doors for you at 8:00 a.m. and close them again at midnight.

Can we hang decorations from the walls or beams?

There are flange hooks near the top of each center post and on the ends of the bookshelves that you may use for hanging. We cherish our venue, so nails or other intrusive fasteners are not allowed. You may also use the existing drapery rods in front of the bookshelves on the west wall and along the soffit above the center posts. It is important that you not hang anything from the sprinkler pipes.

Which parts of the bookshelves may we use?

We leave the lowest sections of the bookshelves unfilled so that pictures and other items important to our guests can be displayed.

Can we cover the bookshelves if we need a neutral backdrop?

Yes. We can hang burlap curtains, like the ones in the First Street windows, in front of the large bookshelves on the west wall or down the center of the Main Hall. We charge for the labor involved in putting them up and taking them down. Alternatively, you are welcome to hang your own draping from the rods that are installed. We have seen some lovely white draping, with back-lighting, that created a wonderful effect. There are outlets at both the top and the bottom of the shelves.

Can the Main Hall space be divided?

Yes. Our burlap draperies, or your own, can be hung down the center of the Main Hall, creating two smaller, more intimate spaces. We often do this for rehearsal dinners. Again, we charge for the set up/take down labor, or you may hang draperies yourself.

Do you offer storage space?

We reserve a closet at the rear of the building, under the main staircase, for clients to store boxes and other large items not needed during the event. Personal items must be removed from the Main Hall by midnight on the day of your event, by noon the following day if prearrangement is made.

What are we responsible for cleaning?

You are responsible for removing personal effects, trash and decorations you want to keep when the event ends. Our team will do the rest.

Do you offer WiFi?

Yes. We have CSpire's fiber optic cable for very fast WiFi, which supports live streaming. We have had several remote guests "attend" an event via Skype. Parents on deployment, for example, have been able to join the festivities, offer toasts, and visit with guests. We can also, subject to programming being available, stream sports events.

Do you have a changing room and rest room facility that is separate from those offered to the party guests?

Yes. It is upstairs, off The Loft, and can be reached via the entrance on First Street or through the Main Hall.

What kind of lighting is available?

We offer theatrical lighting, with a full color spectrum and intensity range to choose from, for spectacular effects.

How can we work with your sound system?

Our system supports multiple inputs, including IOS devices, computers and DJ mixing boards. Live bands may use it, although most choose to bring their own. We also have speakers in The Courtyard.

What other venues can you offer?

We experience strong demand for the Main Hall and growing demand for The Courtyard, as well as demand for smaller spaces. We offer our other venues, including Miss Emma’s Dining Room, a more intimate space for private events adjacent to the Main Hall, and two casual dining spots across Green Street: Molly’s Place and Square Market. The Checkerboard Ballroom is also available. View our Spaces page for details.

Do you have a projector and screen?

Yes, we have a projector, permanently mounted, that connects to our sound system. We have an extra large screen mounted above the west bookshelves that is controlled electronically.

What do I need to bring to run a slide show or video?

You need to bring a laptop or DVD player.

How do you accommodate guests who smoke?

While, of course, First & Green is a non-smoking facility, we do provide two portable smokers' stands outside.

What is the rental fee and what does it include?

Costs depend on the kind of event you want to hold. We break our pricing into two components: a fixed price for venue rental, including tables and chairs, and a per person charge for desired catering, additional service and related equipment. Visit our Pricing page for details.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Most guests choose to pay us with checks, though some prefer cash and others like credit cards. We are happy with any of those, and also accept payment via PayPal.

Do you offer a Payment Plan?

Many of our clients want to pay the charges as early as they can. We are happy to create a schedule that suits your needs, as long as all charges are paid in full by the date of the celebration.

What is the average budget of a couple getting married at First & Green?

 Wedding and event budgets vary significantly. However, we strive to create a space that can accommodate your vision and budget. A starting, sample budget for 150 guests is:

First & Green Sample Costs

Catering (food, service, linens, tableware) $3750

Bar (beer, wine, bartender) $  700       

Venue (Friday and Saturday) $2500

Other Provider Sample Costs

Cake $ 500+

DJ $ 500+

Decorations  $ 500+

Sales Tax $ 536

Total  $6486

Of course, there are costs associated with weddings and events that are outside of ceremony and reception costs, such as dress, invitations, rehearsal dinners, officiants, transportation, and gifts or favors (to name a few).

Are outside snacks and trays permitted?

You are welcome to invite your friends to create a sweets table or to bring in delicacies created for you by beloved people.

May I bring my own beer or liquor to an event?

No. Our liquor license prohibits this. We offer several approaches to bar service. Most clients who desire to serve alcohol decide what type and how much they want to provide their guests. We price those desires- typically beer and wine, and perhaps a signature cocktail. If any is left, it belongs to the client and goes home with them. If more is needed, you tell us if we should charge the guests per drink, or if you want to purchase more. Another approach is to offer your guests an open, cash bar in which we offer a range of wine, beer, spirits, and mixers for them to choose from.

For detailed information on our bar pricing and formats, click here.

How will the tables, chairs, etc. be arranged for my sized event?  

We ask you to provide your desired floor plan with numbers of chairs and tables of various types the week before so we can set the room to match your vision.

What time does the music need to end? 

A city ordinance requires that music must end by 11:00 pm.

We are using a rental company.  Can they drop items off or pick them up outside of the rental period?  

We can accommodate most such requests, as long as we know of them in advance.

Are candles allowed? 

Yes, if they are enclosed to protect against drips and burns. More details are available in your contract.

How can I contact your team, if needed?

Our team will be on-site throughout your event. You will be provided with direct contact information, should you need to reach us before or after your event.

Do you have information about overnight accommodations for guests?

For a couple: there are apartments above First & Green and, from time to time, one is available for short term use. Ask us!

For couples or small groups: The Lofts on the Square is a bed and breakfast offering 5 bedrooms with queen beds and en suite baths. See

For larger groups or those who prefer hotels, there are 800 hotel rooms in Grenada, mostly clustered around Exit 206 from Interstate 55. In our experience, the Hampton Inn offers attractive group rates and works hard to be accommodating. We can connect you to the manager.

Can you help to coordinate local excursions?

We can organize fishing or boating on Grenada Lake, the largest lake in Mississippi, or a visit to the Grammy Museum in Cleveland, about an hour’s drive away. There are many possibilities; just tell us what you have in mind.

How do I obtain a marriage license?

The Circuit Clerk in the County Courthouse at 59 Green Street is responsible for issuing marriage licenses. They are open 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and can be reached at 601-226-1941. They do charge a fee of $21.

Have more questions? Contact us.