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It seems fitting that I came to Grenada, Mississippi for love. I met my husband, Coley Bailey, while working in New York, where I lived and worked on Wall Street. He was a cotton farmer from- you guessed it- Grenada. We hit it off, fell in love and here I am!

Once I landed in Grenada, I fell in love again; this time with the character of my surroundings. I felt a pull to bring life back to the historic buildings and charming Courthouse Square, starting at the corner of First and Green Streets. Our Main Hall was built in 1867, and served as a hardware store for nearly a century. We purchased the forgotten building in 2013 and set out on a massive undertaking; painstakingly renovating, while maintaining and restoring historic beams, floors, bookshelves and the original hand-crank elevator. It was a labor of love.

In 2015, our vision of creating a special place that brings people together became a reality. First & Green Celebrations is more than a venue. Our small team is committed to creating experiences that translate into lifelong memories. It’s what we love to do.

Deborah Hicks Midanek, Proprietor



A small team committed to creating unforgettable experiences.

“First & Green is a beautiful place, but what brings it alive is the team of people who work here and the pleasure they each take serving our guests.” - Deborah Hicks Midanek



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