Outside Catering


Outside Catering

We love our kitchen, which we use for all our venues, so if outside caters are involved it has quite an impact on our operations.   And regardless of who does the catering, it is always the venue whose reputation is on the line. We have had caterers fail to arrive, or deliver mediocre food, or refuse to bus tables. Not good. 

We understand, however, that there are times when you want a particular caterer and it is not First & Green. So over the years we have evolved our way of working with outside caterers. We ask them and you to execute our First & Green Outside Catering Contract, so everyone is clear on who does what.

Click here for the contract.

Here are the main points: 

Caterer must carry at least $1 million of product and general liability insurance, and First & Green is to be listed as a named insured. 

Caterer will arrive at least two hours prior to start of event.

Caterer may make limited use of our kitchen: the warmer, the cooler, the ice machine, the prep tables, the dishwasher, and the microwave, and Client pays a $250 Kitchen Fee.

Caterer is responsible for bussing all tables. If First & Green service items are used they must be cleaned and returned to their resting places. 

If alcohol is served, First & Green will provide bartender, and bus the alcoholic beverage containers. 

Caterer will supply its own heavy duty trash bags and remove all trash to the dumpster down the block in the Presbyterian Church parking lot. We will show their team where it is. 

Caterer will sweep and damp mop kitchen floor, leave the prep tables clean and dry, and leave the kitchen clean and tidy.

Caterer will follow all Health Department requirements re cleanliness and TCS foods.